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Welcome to the deathrun wiki! Here we will explain all deathrun game-modes for all games we know of that have this game-mode, We cant do it alone, this is where you come in! All users can submit their ideas and how they play to help other people play, we will give you servers you can play on and how to play different types of deathrun!

What is Deathrun?

Deathrun is a custom gamemode that is mostly played in source games such as Garrys Mod , Counter Strikes and Team Fortress 2. Deathrun consists of 2 teams, the activator/death (This players activates traps in the map to try to kill the other team, on most servers the runners are timed and the activator/death just needs to stall them long enough for the timer to end) and the runners (The runners must evade the traps and try to trick the activator/death to get to the end without taking to long (or the timer kills them), once at the end maps give you a choice to kill the activator/death in various different ways).


Deathrun is a puzzle gamemode similar to the SAW series.

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